We are building a fully decentralized token exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. Where you can trade between Ethereum, any Ethereum token and soon any cryptocurrency in a fully decentralized and on-chain manner. What? Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin might be overhyped, but the underlying blockchain technology is definitely [...]



Memoria er et system for omsorg og kommunikasjon der brukerens livshistorie står i fokus. MinMemoria MinMemoria har utviklet produktet Memoria. Memoria er et verktøy for omsorg og kommunikasjon, med den enkelte sin livshistorie i fokus. I Memoria kan familie og venner bidra til å formidle livshistorien gjennom [...]

Survey AI


We are solving the trust issue with surveys by helping people and companies design more relevant surveys with more valid data output. Our product Surveys are used by any organization that takes its employees and customers feedback seriously. The output of surveys are often used as key [...]

Plant Tech


Plant Tech is creating innovative solutions and technology in Urban Farming to reduce food miles and optimize food production What we're solving Plant Tech is creating innovative solutions and technology which gives companies and people the ability to produce their own food at their location. That will [...]

Ægir Harvest


We are developing disruptive installation and operations methodologies for floating wind farms. This is enabled through our in-house floating foundation and installation barge designs. What we do We develop methods for assembly, installation and maintenance of floating wind farms. These methods are based on [...]

Yes to Health


Tailor Your Future Health The truth is simple—the world has never had so many diets, weight loss products, and fitness centers—still it’s never been so unhealthy and fat… … and ’we’ keep getting heavier, more stressed, and more sleep deprived. It was about time to ask some questions… Solving [...]