Yes to Health


Tailor Your Future Health The truth is simple—the world has never had so many diets, weight loss products, and fitness centers—still it’s never been so unhealthy and fat… … and ’we’ keep getting heavier, more stressed, and more sleep deprived. It was about time to ask some questions… Solving [...]

RoMy Clima


ClimaSmart - det ultimate klimaanlegget Hva vi gjør Climasmart er et nyutviklet klima aggregat med varmepumpe og ventilasjon i kombinasjon som ventilerer, varmer og eventuelt kjøler modulbrakker, leiligheter, ol. RoMy Clima AS ble etablert i November 2015 med hovedprosjekt i å fullskala utvikle og satt [...]



Solar systems for commercial buildings and special projects, on-grid and off-grid. Primary focus now - Energy Independence Connection to the grid is getting more and more expensive. To get connected and stay connected. Solar in combination with other energy sources is becoming an increasingly more [...]



sensiBel – a breakthrough microphone technology for Digital Voice Assistants   What we're solving After 10 years of research in co-operation with SINTEF, a new and unique miniaturized microphone technology has been developed and patented. All rights to this technology belongs to sensiBel that is [...]

Green Cargo Network


Green Cargo Network  - Fleet management system and marketplace for transportation of goods in the business-to-business market. The Problem Deadhead transportation related to trucking in Norway is over 25% and it has been a negligible improvement in the capacity utilization for the last 20 years [...]



Sensero Sensero is creating big data management solutions for the power industry based on technology developed at CERN. After working a week at CERN in the fall of 2017, Sensero was founded by three students from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. With the goal [...]



QUASAR enables easy communication between devices What we're solving Quasar is a middleware from CERN that simplifies communication between devices and digital systems. Digitization contributes to a more sustainable development and production, e.g. within smart farming. Quasar will improve, automate and simplify these digitization processes. [...]

Kaupang Krypto


Kaupang Krypto is providing liquidity and reliability for Norwegian customers, in the “wild wild west” of today’s cryptocurrency markets. What we're solving Based in Trondheim, and operating since June 2017, Kaupang Krypto seeks to provide Norwegian customers with three core services: Safety Liquidity Ease-of-use [...]