A new generation of solar cells

NorFib develop a new generation of solar cells for niche applications like buildings, tent and vehicles.

We make fine silicon solar cell threads in the size of the hair that are flexible to bend. The solar cell threads can be embedded in variety of substrates. By choosing appropriate substrate we can customize solar cell products for different applications with unique features.

– Solar cell window shade: The flexibility of our fine solar threads allows us to incorporate them in a variety of window shade design. These window shades are flexible and partially transparent and efficiently convert both inside and outside light to electricity. They feature high efficiency over wide range of incidence angles and long life time.
– Building facade: A wide range of substrates are compatible with our solar threads due to the low temperature processing. This allow us to adapt our solar cells to any shape and environmental condition.
– Tent: The solar threads embedded in flexible substrate can be used for affordable tents that efficiently convert both inside and outside light to electricity.
– Vehicle: The solar threads are compatible with many composites that are used for cars, trains or aircrafts.

Read more about us at: www.norfibco.com

Zahra Ghadyani / Daglig leder

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