Project Description

Tailor Your Future Health
The truth is simple—the world has never had so many diets, weight loss products, and fitness centers—still it’s never been so unhealthy and fat…
… and ’we’ keep getting heavier, more stressed, and more sleep deprived.
It was about time to ask some questions…

Solving one of the world’s biggest challenges


WellBee is an online learning tool with peer support and inspiration, and the only holistic approach to achieve true and lasting weight loss, and improved health.

WellBee is the result of more than 20 years experience working with worldclass athletes, large corporations, and ’you and me’.

Our approach is science based and broadly tested. 3 years extensive research conducted talking to leading experts worldwide, and going through thousands of research papers and articles.

Our solution is disruptive, mobilized & socialized, individualized using artificial intelligence, and its connecting people locally and worldwide through our ‹‹Hive››.

Our mission is to create a New Normal for weight loss and improved health—reducing sick leave and making the world healthier.

What’s next


We are preparing for the main international launch in February 2019 together with our working partners Egg Design and Webstep. Parallel activities together with product development are an extensive PR and media program, where we already have established direct contact with several top producers for well-known international talk shows, radio shows, magazines and more. The interest has been overwhelming. We are also preparing several other market activities for the pre-launch and main international launch. Our product has also been tested in every step, and we will continue to test every aspect of our product and brand.


WellBee was founded by Anne Mette Larsen. Today Anne Mette work in a team with Kim, Kevin and Hanne from Eggs Design Trondheim, Webstep, and an advisory board/team with a comprehensive international experience from business development, technology, media and entrepreneurship.

Anne Mette Larsen
Anne Mette LarsenDaglig leder / CEO