Project Description

sensiBel – a breakthrough microphone technology for Digital Voice Assistants


What we’re solving

After 10 years of research in co-operation with SINTEF, a new and unique miniaturized microphone technology has been developed and patented. All rights to this technology belongs to sensiBel that is to further develop and commercialize the technology. With its ultra-low noise, almost 10 times better than the competition, the new microphone is ideal for e.g. use in the rapidly growing market for speech recognition. It is expected that in 2022 more than 8 billions miniaturized microphones will be sold world wide per year. sensiBel has a unique position to grab the high end of this market. A great team of experienced engineers and business people are ready to bring the product to the market.

What have we accomplished?


The sensiBel technology was developed over a period of SINTEF, resulting in a 15 deciBel (dB) reduction in microphone noise. Today’s low-cost silicon microphones in mobiles, laptops, headphones, etc. are very noisy – because they have to be so small. A video recorded with your mobile will sound quite noisy if you record in a quiet room. With the sensiBel microphone, we can maintain the small size and low cost, with almost three times less hearable noise.

High-quality recordings
Miniaturized microphone technology
10 times better than the competition
15 deciBel (dB) reduction in microphone noise

What are we working on?


sensiBel’s microphones are very well suited for high-quality recordings at a very low cost, but the real potential lies in speech recognition. Products such as Smart Speakers utilize arrays of microphones to separate your voice from other noise in the room. However, these arrays underperform with today’s noisy microphones. Our 15 dB advantage enables much smaller arrays with high performance, resulting in more compact and elegant products, as well as the ability to integrate voice into many more products that have lack of space for bulky microphone arrays.


Sverre Dale Moen
Sverre Dale MoenDaglig leder
Matthieu Lacolle
Matthieu LacolleCTO
Hans Jørgen Bang
Hans Jørgen BangSenior Scientist
Jakob Vennerød
Jakob Vennerød

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