Project Description

QUASAR enables easy communication between devices

What we’re solving

Quasar is a middleware from CERN that simplifies communication between devices and digital systems. Digitization contributes to a more sustainable development and production, e.g. within smart farming. Quasar will improve, automate and simplify these digitization processes.

What we’re doing

There are several advantages of implementing digital systems, both environmental and business wise. Creating optimal conditions for growth and animal welfare, by means of digital hardware and data analysis, leads to better crops and greater food production.

Within the smart farming market, there exists several challenges today; data from each sensor has to be written into different systems, which means that each company only have access to some of the data and cannot analyse the data as a whole. The (IoT) sensors used in farms are vendor locked-in devices, making it difficult to create machine to machine communication and automatic data collecting.

In order to implement different devices into a common digital system, devices require customization and translation to a common language/protocol. Quasar performs this translation automatically, allows for easy control of several devices in one single system, and thus minimizes resource and time usage.

Further plans

The technology is ready to be implemented and customized into existing systems. In addition, further technical development, such as machine learning, SaaS and analytic tools could be implemented for each industry.
Possible markets exists within digitization of buildings, cities, farming and other industries.

Our vision is to contribute in the development of greener business community, by streamlining digitization processes in respective industries.


Silje Uhlen Maurset
Silje Uhlen MaursetBusiness developer
Ingrid Annette Kristiansen
Ingrid Annette KristiansenBusiness developer
Tine Maurstad Larsson
Tine Maurstad LarssonBusiness developer

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