Project Description

Kaupang Krypto is providing liquidity and reliability for Norwegian customers, in the “wild wild west” of today’s cryptocurrency markets.

What we’re solving

Based in Trondheim, and operating since June 2017, Kaupang Krypto seeks to provide Norwegian customers with three core services:

  • Safety
  • Liquidity
  • Ease-of-use



Kaupang Krypto was born after founder Nikolai Gobel wanted to invest in cryptocurrency in spring 2017, and found the process to be slow, complicated and unreliable. Often requiring weeks of waiting for account verification with bogus foreign companies, international wire-transfers and technical feats requiring years of studying computer science, there had to be a market for providing a better service. An exchange for cryptocurrencies where users can intuitively trade assets without a high degree of technical competence, a service which is fast, reliable and safe.

Fast-forward eight months, and Kaupang Krypto have already surpassed 20,000,000 NOK in revenue. This serves as a tremendous proof of concept, and at the same time fuels the ambition of becoming the number one provider of blockchain-based asset trading in Norway.


The team has grown, and Kaupang Krypto now consists of six uniquely skilled individuals. The team is composed of:

– back-end developer

– front-end developer

– full-stack developer

– security and cryptography advisor

– blockchain advisor and investor

– digital marketer and operating manager

With the concept proven, and the team in place, the near future will bring greatly enhanced user interface, new trading tools and currencies, automation of services and better integration with existing financial institutions.

Nikolai Nyrud Gobel
Nikolai Nyrud GobelCEO

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