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Hark Technologies – Developing smart solutions for the energy industry

Hark Technologies develops smart solutions for the energy industry, which both informs the users about their power consumption, as well as automatically moves your power consumption to the time of the day when energy is cheapest.

What we do

Within 2018, all households in Norway will have the new automatic power meters (smart meters/AMS) installed. These are mainly installed with the goal of cutting power consumption peaks, to avoid costly upgrades of the power grid infrastructure, which has to be made to withstand the maximum power consumption, while the average power consumption in fact is much lower. Due to the peaks being the expensive part of power distribution, the price of energy will most likely in near future change to be based on your peak consumption in addition to your total consumption. This creates opportunities to save a lot of money on distributing your energy consumption throughout the day, thereby lowering your peak consumption. Hark Technologies is developing a control system which will do this for you, automatically, without you having to worry or think about it at all.


Hark Technologies’ first product is a device which is plugged into the HAN-port of your new smart meter. The device will then upload all your information regarding your power consumption to the cloud, enabling you to read all the data directly on your phone or personal computer. We are now getting ready to start selling this product in larger batches, and aim to use the money earned on these devices to continue with our control system solution which will help consumers save money on their electricity bill.

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Joar Gunnarsjaa Harkestad
Joar Gunnarsjaa HarkestadGeneral manager

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