Project Description

Green Cargo Network  – Fleet management system and marketplace for transportation of goods in the business-to-business market.

The Problem

Deadhead transportation related to trucking in Norway is over 25% and it has been a negligible improvement in the capacity utilization for the last 20 years despite technological advancements. Similar numbers can be found for the EU and the U.S. Deadhead transportation results in unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, wearing on roads, and increased operational expenses for the trucking companies. We believe the cause of the capacity utilization inefficiency lies in current business model of the industry, which is built on centralized networks, where companies enter into long term agreements with one trucking company. Each trucking company has, therefore, access to a limited set of customers which results in that the capacity utilization of the fleet of trucks is suboptimal compared to what can be obtained if the set of accessible customers is unlimited.

Our Solution

Green Cargo Network’s ambition is to gather all businesses and logistics companies in one single marketplace and fleet management system. By combining a sharing economy based business model with Blockchain and optimization it is possible to achieve optimal matching of transportation order with trucks, create a fully digital transportation process, and increased economies of scale for both businesses and logistics companies. Our offering is less time and personnel spent on managing orders, reduction in greenhouse gases from the transportation of goods, reduced transaction time, lean and on demand delivery of goods, higher utilization of vehicle capacity, access to a larger customer/logistics network, more time for core activities, improved margins, and improved communication and transportation oversight.


Green Cargo Network was one of the finalists in the national final of Climate Launchpad 2017. As of January 2018, Green Cargo Network is a part of the Greenhouse pre-incubation programme by Climate KIC and is also in dialog with Bitspace about a potential partnership.

Current Status

Green Cargo Network consist of three team members and is focusing on programming a minimum viable product (MVP) which we aim to complete within Q2 2018. In parallel, we are searching for partners within the logistics industry in which we can test the MVP with in order to achieve a proof of concept. We aim to start working on an optimization algorithm for the application in collaboration with potential partners by Q3 2019.
The team behind Green Cargo Network has a strong drive for innovation and bring a wide range of skills, ranging from optimization to marketing and computer science. All team members share a vision of being a driving force for technological change and promoting efficient use of resources. We hope that there are people and companies that share our vision and see the potential in new technology and would like to join us in revolutionizing the transportation of goods.


Martin Naterstad Digernes
Andreas Naterstad Digernes
Andreas Naterstad Digernes
Hanna Fauske Flack

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