Project Description

There is a world-wide shortage of medical specialists such as Cardiologists and Neurologists. Developing countries such as India are hit the hardest with only 4,000 Cardiologists and 1,200 Neurologists serving a population of 1.2 Billion people. Even in the US there is a 15% shortage of cardiologists which is felt even worse in rural areas. Our cloud-based service offering helps fill this gap by applying AI technology to interpretation of patient biometric signals. Our cloud-based system offers diagnostic assistance to people without access to a medical specialist, and makes medical specialists capable of seeing more patients with less effort.



Our systems are targeted to medical professionals ranging from semi-skilled healthcare workers to medical specialists. By applying Machine Learning to the problem of diagnosing medical conditions from waveforms we are able to deliver decision support systems to Cardiologists, Neurologists and general practitioners. By combining the experience and intuition of a human with modern tooling, we aim to offer life-saving medical diagnostic services to more people than ever before.
Our system is suitable for interpretation of pre-recorded waveforms as well as real-time patient monitoring either in the hospital ward or in the patient’s home – or even on the go.
With internet-scale reach through mobile computing we can extend the reach of medical specialists beyond the large city centers they typically live in.
We integrate our Assistive Intelligence software solutions with hardware from established medical device manufacturers to bring clinical-grade tools to the professionals that need them. We have an exclusive agreement in place with Clarity Medical to integrate their devices into our system.

Plans for the future


We are currently wrapping up our MVP and are find ourselves on the threshold of exiting bootstrap mode and raise our first round of capital. Our first target market is India, and we aim to have our first deployable MVP which provides a virtual cardiologist available for pilot trials in Q3 2019.


At the moment we are two co-founders looking to scale up the team both locally in Trondheim and in India.
We plan to concentrate our AI group in Trondheim, so we are looking for AI engineers which want to join us to make a real difference and at the same time spearhead usable and people-friendly AI solutions in the digital healthcare space. If you like working in a multicultural environment and applied AI forward then get in touch!

Odd Sandbekkhaug
Odd SandbekkhaugCEO