Project Description

We are solving the trust issue with surveys by helping people and companies design more relevant surveys with more valid data output.

Our product


Surveys are used by any organization that takes its employees and customers feedback seriously. The output of surveys are often used as key data for decisions. But are you sure that you asked the right questions? And if the survey really builds upon the aim of the survey project? Survey AI is developing a SaaS application that will solve these problems.

What’s happening now


We are to release a prototype of our application late 2018.
In 2019 we’ll onboard our first customers.
Our goal is to become the preferred platform for designing surveys for any company.
We will integrate our technology with the biggest data collection platforms in the world in 2 years.

Christian Drøyvold
Board Member and Marketing
Frode Jakhelln Laugen
Frode Jakhelln Laugen
Wenche Brenne Drøyvold