Open Letter to Richard Branson from QRRNT!


Letter   •   September 14, 2017


Dear Mr. Branson,

We have been watching the news and seeing the photos come through of the devastation being experienced throughout the British Virgin Islands (and elsewhere throughout the world). It got us thinking…we have a ready-tested prototype of a pretty cool product which we think you could use. This product is able to produce 24,000L of water in a 24hrs period, direct from the ocean or rivers. Basically, any body of water can be turned into clean, safe drinking water. The prototype has been tested and proved in collaboration with the University here in Trondheim, NTNU.

Too good to be true? We know. Why isn’t it past the prototype stage? Politics got in the way.

Our offer to you, is to simply pick up our prototype from Trondheim-Værnes airport, and to use it free of charge, to help the people access drinking water.

It is designed to fit on an airplane easily and ready to go once it lands onto the islands. All you need to operate it is approximately 18L of diesel per day. We are able to include all other items to get you started.

We sincerely hope you take up our offer, as we would love to see our prototype having a positive impact during a time of need.

We wish you all the best during the recovery efforts and hope to hear from you very soon.

Warmest regards,

QRRNT AS (Julia, Rupert, Fredrik, Lars & Kim)

Contact Founder and CEO, Julia Navarsete at or +47 900 80 800 for any further details!