Accelerate your startup with NTNU Accel

NTNU Accel’s ambition is to create a powerful environment for innovation. We offer accelerated business development for local startups through the supply of skills, processes, industrial networks and a focus on internationalisation. Members of NTNU Accel are characterised by their winning culture and will grow faster and create more successes than comparable startup businesses elsewhere.


Our community works with a wide range of investors with a personal interest in NTNU, Trondheim and the region. You can expect to be guided towards not just investors, but the right investors, and expect us to make them come to see you. NTNU Accel will also establish Accel Pre-Seed, a pre-seed fund only open to NTNU Accel members.


We have a network of over 100 entrepreneurs, board members, investors, co-founders and consultants that know the entrepreneurial world inside-out. As an NTNU Accel member, expect our mentors to give you direct feedback on where you are and advice on where you should go.


NTNU Accel provides a supportive environment for our members. We push members to take the next step, but also provide support to do so through in-house services as well as involving third-party service providers when necessary. Our support will ensure that you focus your time and energy on the right things.


In exchange for a relatively small membership fee, we provide unique support to knowledge-based startups in the Trondheim region.
We help develop your ideas and emerging startups into globally-minded businesses with a scalable business plan and the best possibility of success.

Members of NTNU Accel gain access to expert mentors who will help guide your rapid progression through this critical stage of business development.
Later in 2014 we launch a pre-seed fund to further push selected startups down the road to success.

Specifically members can expect:

  • A starter kit for members
  • A pool of available resources
  • Customized IT solutions for knowledge-based enterprises
  • Collaboration opportunities with incubators and other innovation environments nationally and internationally
  • Investor Day

  • A competent and accessible “core team”
  • Easily accessible and experienced mentors
  • Events for sharing experiences, both positive and negative
  • Access to service providers and investors
  • A shorter and less distracting route to capital investment
  • Effective “landing” with international partners in Europe, USA and Asia