The world's most accurate, real-time 3D RGBD camera

Zivid Labs develops Zivid – a world-leading 3D color camera for robotics and industrial applications. The camera captures 3D images in color with full HD resolution and 0.1mm accuracy at near video rates (10Hz). This corresponds to the width of a human hair, and the accuracy is about 50 times higher than other real-time 3D cameras, such as e.g. the Kinect 2 from Microsoft.

Zivid allows robots and machines to see and understand the world in three dimensions. For example, the camera enables robots to perform tasks that traditionally have been very hard to automate, such as detecting and picking up items that are randomly distributed in a bin (so-called “bin picking”).

Another suitable application for Zivid is automatic, in-line quality control of components in a production line. By capturing precise 3D images of components as they are produced, tolerances can be checked or the 3D image can be compared to an underlying 3D CAD model in order to reveal defects or anomalies.

Zivid is especially suitable for difficult industrial parts, such as shiny metallic objects or dark and absorbing plastic materials, due to its fast electronic iris and a number of high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging modes. Zivid comes in a rugged, compact and lightweight industrial packaging ready to be mounted directly on a robot or in the robot’s vicinity.

Zivid Labs AS is a spin-out from SINTEF ICT. Its founders, Øystein and Henrik, have more than 15 years of experience with optical sensors and 3D machine vision.

For more information about Zivid Labs and the Zivid 3D camera, please visit

Henrik Schumann-Olsen / CEO

Øystein Skotheim / CTO


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