On March 30th, Telenor, TrønderEnergi, DnB, Sparebank1, Kongsberg Digital, Adresseavisen, Powel, Kjeldsberg Eiendom, Statoil, Kværner and a couple more companies are gathered at NTNU Accel to meet with relevant start-ups.

Is that you?

MeetCorporates is an event connecting start-ups and corporates, and if you as an entrepreneur believe that your product would benefit any of the organizations mentioned in the intro, this is a great opportunity to get to meet with them. In brief, this is how it works:

  • On March 30th these organizations have set aside time to meet one-to-one with Norwegian start-ups.
  • All organizations have committed to bring at least two people from the management; one working on the technical part of the business, and one working on the business/market side. You’ll get the names of the people you’ll meet a few days before the event.
  • All meetings are scheduled to last 20 minutes. The start-up sets the agenda, and there are no limitations as to how you spend this time. Still, we recommend that you don’t spend all the time presenting, but also leave time for questions and discussions.

Follow the link below to request meetings with any of the participating organizations. The registration form has two pages; on page 1 we ask you for some information about your company, and on page 2 you list your requests. There’s no limitation as to how many meetings you as a start-up can have, but we ask that you have an articulated reason for requesting the meeting, and that you prioritize your requests.

The deadline to submit meeting requests is at midnight on Friday March 8th. Subsequently, the corporates will determine which start-ups they would like to meet with, based on the arguments and priorities in the meeting requests. We will let you know which meeting requests are met by March 16th.


Other relevant information:
  • Only for product start-ups. If you are an entrepreneur providing consulting services, you are unfortunately not eligible for this event.
  • We do of course not guarantee that all requests will be met, but we guarantee that we will do our best setting up a schedule that ensures the most relevant meetings for all parties.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by:

Haakon Skar, haakon.skar@ntnuaccel.no, tlf. 92647839

Åse Straume, ase.straume@ntnuaccel.no, tlf. 95805885