Arnstein Hellem has been a banker for more than 30 years, the last 20 years with Sparebank1 Midt-Norge SMN.

In this lecture he outlines the importance of your personal network when approaching private investores, and suggests how to build your own network.


Per Kristian and Jorun represent Assessit Trondheim.

In this lecture they tell how they work when recruiting in general, and especially for start-ups

Jan Gunnar Storli is Managing Partner in the search and recruitment company Search House.

In this lecture he tells how Search House can assist start-ups in recruiting talent and how start-ups can become more attractive for potential new employees.


Herbjørn Skjervold is Managing Partner in the seed fund Proventure Seed.

In this lecture he explains how important the management team in a start-up is when evaluating investment opportunities for Proventure Seed.